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Category: Iriemembers


Storm started dancing as a little child and made it a real part of life when BBoying, popping and locking grew up. He made his first tours with the “Bravo Breakdance Sensation 84”.


Pow Pow Pow Movement was founded in 1990 in Cologne and is one of the oldest reggae dancehall sound systems in Germany. In 2001 the guys from Cologne opened their own recording studio and their own label Pow Pow Pow Productions.


The Ohrbooten are enjoying a large fan community. They make versatile and self-confident music with a well balanced portion of “Berliner Schnauze”! They describe their style as: Gyp-Hop, which mixes elements of reggae, raga, alternative and hip hop, but also jazz.


Selina Jörg is a German snowboarder in parallel slalom and parallel giant slalom. She was enthusiastic about snowboarding at an early age and took part in FIS races at the age of 15. In 2005 she became a member of the national team and can look back on a great career.


DJ Hype is a German DJ and music producer. He started working behind the turntables in 1988 and can look back on a career of almost 30 years. His international tours and gigs have taken him to countries such as the USA, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Russia, India and Australia.


Gregor McEwan. A slap in the face to the failure of local English-speaking artists not to take it seriously. So simple, so stupid, so good. Gregor McEwan sings and writes about the great themes: love, life, home.


Finian Greenall aka FINK is one of our IRIEMEMBERS and inspires us with his mix of folk, blues, dub, indie and post-rock. It’s actually surprising that he turned his attention to electro and trip hop as a teenager.