Open since 16th September 2017: the URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART. Now there is a new home for street art in the “Bülowstraße” in Berlin Schöneberg.

It’s hard to imagine Berlin’s streets without graffiti and co. Everywhere it appears and disappears at least as quickly, urban contemporary art is any form of street art and urban art. This kind of art is temporary, but meanwhile it has become an established art form and is widely accepted in society. However, it is still illegal to paint or spray house walls, trains and other things without permission. Since 2013 Urban Nation supports projects that legally transform Berlin’s facades into magnificent outdoor galleries.

The Urban Nation Museum is not supposed to get street art off the street but to create a place that connects artists, creatives and the public. The existing building in Schöneberg was rebuilt over two years for this purpose and is now a place where artists can create, build networks and exchange ideas. Main motto: connect – create – care.

The renovation of the museum was financed by the Stiftung Berliner Leben und and the State of Berlin. The architects’ office GRAFT created a building which is a artwork itself because of the special designed surface. Mobile facade elements can be removed and stored so that no artwork is going to lose when the design changes. Inside, a gallery walkway extends over two floors. Thus it is possible to view the artworks from a distance and from the near. Even the floor is made of asphalt, so the street flair is kept.urban nation

(c) Nika Kramer

Under the creative direction of Yasha Young changing exhibitions of international and national artists can be seen from now. The artworks of about 150 street artists show graffiti, tape art and other forms of urban art. In addition, the photojournalist Martha Cooper is offering a part of her collection with the topic “development and emergence of street art/urban art”. The Martha Cooper Library can be used for research purposes now. Offers and actions for the neighbourhood are supposed to promote integration and participation.

Here are some first insights into the Martha Cooper Library:

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Video-Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SGKwiLIFpE

At the opening there was a colourful artmile in the Bülowkiez with spraying, skating, workshops and yoga. From now on you can visit the museum from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00-18:00.


Bülowstraße 7
10783 Berlin

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday

Web: https://urban-nation.com/de/museum/