2. International German WCMX Championship in Berlin

RECAP: 2nd International German WCMX Championship 2019 in Berlin

On the weekend (18th May 2019) the 2nd International German Championship in WCMX (wheelchair skating) took place in the Skatehalle Berlin.

20 skaters from 4 nations competed against each other in different divisions to secure the coveted titles. For the first time, the championships were hosted by Drop In e.V., which since 2016 has been regularly organizing offers for wheelchair skaters in the capital with its “WCMX goes Berlin” project.

The event was a great success, with many enthusiastic spectators cheering for the riders. The athletes showed top-class sport and many first-class tricks – respect! 🙂
We are particularly proud of our IRIEMEMBER David Lebuser, who not only defended his German championship title, but also took first place in the international ranking. Congratulations to him!

Rankings & Results

Division 1:
1. David Lebuser (GER)
2. Kevin van Ekert (NL)
3. Björn-Patrick Meyer (GER)

Division 2:
1. Ronja Holze (GER)
2. Lily Rice (GB)
3. Ilaria Naef (IT)

Division 3:
1. Til Augustin
2. Timon Luu
3. Dennis Drolshagen

Division 5:
1. Pierre Richter
2. Melisa-Aylin BĂŒlbĂŒl
3. Tom Brimbacombe

Newcomer Prize:
Jonte Hauschildt & Alexander Remmers

The WCMX community continues to grow. We think that’s a great thing! 🙂
Many thanks to all participants, spectators and the Drop In e.V. for this great event!

18th of May 2019: International German Championship in Wheelchairskating in Berlin

After the successful first championship in Hamburg last year, the International German WCMX Championship will take place in the German capital this year. On the 18th of May the Skatehalle Berlin on the RAW area will be the competition location.

WCMX is perhaps better known as wheelchair skating. Especially in the USA WCMX has already found many fans, in Germany and Europe WCMX is still one of the unknown marginal sports.
Like skateboarding or BMX riding, wheelchair skating is about climbing skate ramps.

2. International German WCMX Championship

The international championship, which will take place in Berlin this year, will also bring forth the German champion (female and male) in wheelchair skating. The international participants will first be divided into five different divisions, in which they will then start and be judged: Division 1 (men), Division 2 (women), Division 3 (advanced from 16 years), Division 4 (advanced under 16 years) and Division 5 (kids). The first two divisions are for the “professionals” who want to participate in the open class.

The reigning German champion of Division 1 is our IRIEMEMBER David Lebuser, who took 3rd place in last year’s international competition and will certainly be at the top again this year. The current defending champion of Division 1 is the Dutchman Kevin van Ekert. In the women’s division 2, Lisa Schmidt defends the German championship. She also finished 3rd in an international comparison. The current World Champion of Division 2 is Lily Rice from Great Britain.
In Division 3, Timon Luu from Cologne was crowned German Champion, but overall he had to admit defeat to the Dutchman Dorian Baghuis.

The competition 2019 is organized by the non-profit association “Drop In e.V.” in Berlin in cooperation with the German Wheelchair Sports Association. Patron is Katharina Witt, one of the most successful figure skaters of all time.

A big program surrounding the championship

In addition to the actual competition, the WCMX Championship also has a large supporting programme, which extends over three days.

On Friday (17.05.) the Skatehalle Berlin is only open for the registered participants to practice, on Saturday (18.05.) the tricks and stunts of the drivers can be cheered at the competition, then also by the public audience. After the award ceremony, there will also be an afterskateparty at the RAW area.
On Sunday there will be the spot tour through Berlin under the motto “WCMX durch Berlin” , during which the best skateparks in Berlin will be visited and, of course, a visit to a kebab stand will be a must 😉

German WCMX Championship 2019 Flyer
German WCMX Championship 2019 Flyer

WCMX Community gets bigger and bigger

In the USA, the sport already has a large number of active athletes and a large fan base. Only 5 years ago David Lebuser was the only active wheelchair rider in Germany, meanwhile there is already a real community. Also in Germany the sport is getting more and more popular, which is also due to the International German WCMX Championship.
We are happy to support this project and therefore the event is also -friendly supported by IRIEDAILY- 🙂

Aftermovie 1. International German WCMX Championship 2018

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What: 2. International German WCMX Championship 2019
When: 18th of May 2019
Where: Skatehalle Berlin, Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin
Web: http://wcmxchampionship.de/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/547659829085838/