25th Anniversary

IRIEDAILY 25th Anniversary Collection - "Authenticschool 2.0"

2019 has started and for IRIEDAILY this also means the start of a very exciting year. We are celebrating our 25th anniversary!
"How time flies" we thought when we looked at the number 1994!
1994 is IRIEDAILY's year of founding and the beginning of a wonderful story that is not only about textiles but also about friendship, respect, DIY and the challenge staying true to our DNA "STAY DIFFERENT".

We proudly look back on 25 years of Berlin streetwear history, which has now established itself even beyond the borders of Kreuzberg. As a kick-off for the jubilee year, we wanna take you on a short time travel to the past and back to the future with the IRIEDAILY 25th Anniversary Collection "Authenticschool 2.0"!
The collection presents designs from the beginning of IRIEDAILY and takes you back to the present with updated artworks! Inspired by our 25-year-old archive we have come across styles that couldn't be more modern and perfectly reflecting the current streetwear look.

The “Authenticschool 2.0“ capsule doesn’t only reanimate IRIEDAILY’s claim and signature logos of those times but gives it an adequate modern makeover as it is prominently placed on tees, crewnecks, hoodies and jackets which shine in today’s trendy colours and usage of high-quality materials. In addition, we successfully dove into our design archives where we came across graphics - designed by IRIEDAILY’s former art director and co-founder Jaybo - that perfectly stood the test of time and are now rekindled in all its wicked glory.
This collection isn’t simply an excursion into our past - it’s a prolog to our future and precursor of the great things to come as well. You can never control who you fall in love with, but if you do you’d better make sure that you keep smiling, stay positive and give it your best 100 percent.

25th Anniversary Collection
25th Anniversary Collection
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