Skating is your passion? So is ours since day 1! That's why, in addition to our clothing line, we always offer a few selected board designs that meet the high quality standards of skateboarders and come directly from MDCN Distribution. No matter whether you are a beginner or already have the skills - it gets even more laid-back with our skateboards. Various artworks matching the current collections pimp the 7-layer maple boards, which are currently available in the sizes 8 inch, 8.125 inch and 8.25 inch. Do you also want to roll like Malte Spitz, Collin McLean, Roland Hirsch, Konstantin Rutschmann, Valerie Rosomako, Patrick Rogalski and so on? With our Radio X Iriedaily Wheels and Board you can show your colours for the Radio Skateboard Team and the Iriedaily Team.