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IRIEDAILY Socks, Masks & Underwear

Anyone can wear T-shirts and jeans. Pimp your style with IRIEDAILY socks & underwear! White tennis socks have been back in the fashion game for a long time, but everyone wears them. That's why we prefer our casual socks with embroidered motifs. Do you fancy our Bye Bye Cat Socks or Rosebong Socks with embroidered artworks? Or do you prefer the Theodore Socks, the Resort Socks or the Crazy Fresh Socks with all-over print? Don't worry about the fit, the socks are available in different sizes. And with the Daily Flag Boxershort, you don't have to worry when your pants are slipping down again. The tight-fitting underpants have a woven elastic logo band and is vegan. In addition, with the Theodore Scarf we now also have a scarf in our range. Due to the current situation, you will find in this category also mouth-nose-masks for everyday life. Watch out for the little things in life now and get our socks & underwear!