We turn Black Friday and the whole Black Weekend into Green Weekend!

In times where sustainability, climate protection and slow fashion are becoming more and more important, we decided not to participate in the big Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales.
Instead, we donate 20% of the total revenue generated on our Green Weekend* in the online shop and brand stores in Berlin and Vienna to OroVerde!
*The fundraising campaign takes place from 29.11.19 to including 02.12.19.

Already at the end of August/beginning of September we had a two-week fundraising campaign running, in which 10% of the total revenue of the online shop was donated to OroVerde. The result was great: 2000 trees & 2.5 hectares of homegardens were planted. More information can be found here!

OroVerde and the projects

 The tropical forest foundation OroVerde (Spanish for “green gold”) is actively involved in the preservation of tropical rainforests. Together with local people, they develop long-term preservation projects. In addition, OroVerde also works in Germany with consumer tips and educational projects.

The amount raised at our Green Weekend will be donated to a project in Venezuela this time.
Venezuela is currently threatened by political and economic problems. The country is politically divided into two groups. It is uncertain whether there will be a violent conflict soon. In addition, supply and energy bottlenecks continue to occur and hyperinflation is becoming an increasingly frequent problem. This political and economic crisis means that project work with public funds is currently not possible.

Nevertheless, OroVerde continues to support local partners such as the Thomas Merle Stiftung, so that they can work locally for the preservation of the cloud forest and for environmental education.
In addition to reforestation activities, in which smaller areas are reforested with native species, the local people are also made aware of the importance of the forest. In this way slash-and-burn should be avoided, as the forest is essential for water supply and the protection of biodiversity.

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