We again turn Black Friday into Green Weekend!

Black Friday, Black Weekend, Black Week, Black Month – none of that can be found at IRIEDAILY anymore!
Like the last two years, we have decided not to participate in the big Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales. The reason for this is that sustainability, climate protection and slow fashion have not only achieved a higher status in society, but are at the top of IRIEDAILY’s priority list as well.
Instead, we support the Tropical Forest Foundation OroVerde with 20% of the total net revenue generated on our Green Weekend* in the IRIEDAILY online shop!
*The campaign runs from 26.11.2021 to including 29.11.2021.

OroVerde and the projects in rural communities in Guatemala and Cuba

The tropical forest foundation OroVerde (Spanish for “green gold”) is actively involved in the preservation of tropical rainforests. Together with local people, they develop long-term preservation projects and thus ensure sustainable rainforest protection. Development aid and rainforest protection thus go hand in hand.

With the amount of this year’s Green Weekend we would like to support projects to improve nutrition in rural communities in Guatemala and Cuba. Through the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices and the use of traditional local seeds, the insecure or insufficient nutritional situation of people in rural communities in Guatemala and Cuba shall be sustainably improved. The focus is on families as well as local youth groups and school children.

The seeds are selected through a comprehensive study by a rural university in Guatemala and the University of Guantánamo in Cuba. With the cooperation of students, the traditional, local seeds are recorded and research is carried out to determine which combination of seeds significantly improves the local nutritional situation.

In combination with agroforestry systems and home gardens, this also reduces the exploitation of the rainforest. Due to a poor nutritional situation and monocultures in the fields, local families are sometimes forced to clear areas of the rainforest in order to cultivate new fields. Through sustainable cultivation methods and an improved nutritional situation on site, these rainforest clearings become unnecessary.

©OroVerde/ A.Hoemberg

You, IRIEDAILY & OroVerde for the protection of the rainforests

We are very happy to support OroVerde again this year and to contribute to the preservation of the rainforests. With your order at the Green Weekend you automatically do something good and support a sustainable and important project! Thank you ❤️
Detailed information about OroVerde and the work in Guatemala and Cuba, as well as about our previous campaigns for OroVerde can be found here: