Brand Performance Check of the Fair Wear Foundation | IRIEDAILY is Leader again

It’s official! Once again this year, IRIEDAILY has received the Leader Status of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). In this year’s Brand Performance Check (BPC) of the FWF, we were even able to increase our benchmarking score by one point to 81. We are very proud of this result!

Back in 2016, we joined the FWF in order to jointly improve working conditions for the workers at our production sites in Portugal and China. Since summer 2018 we hold the Leader Status, which means that we work on a high level and fulfill many requirements of the FWF. The Leader Status is the highest award that can be achieved. We owe this mainly to our long-standing relationships with our partners and factories, as well as to the high level of transparency in our supply chain. Our CSR team and all IRIE employees also play an important role in our progress.

Benchmarking Score

2019 76points
2020 80points
2021 81points

Achievements and progress

Here are some facts, achievements and progress that make us a Fair Wear Leader:

– 95% of our factories are under monitoring
– Few but long-term suppliers (7 suppliers in Portugal and 3 in China)
– 79% of the production volume is produced by suppliers with whom we have been working for more than 5 years
– 50% of the production volume is produced by suppliers with whom we have been working for more than 10 years
– Established database system for real-time overview of our supply chain
– Permanent exchange with agents in Portugal and China during the pandemic
– No cancellation or reduction of planned orders despite pandemic
– No penalties for delivery delays due to closed factories
– Longer production phases to avoid overtime in the factories
– Limited number of materials in production, processing of residual materials, timely announcement of new fabrics and materials
– Weekly deliveries instead of two major delivery dates for Portuguese factories

Own factories under monitoring


  • Portugal
  • China

Own factories under monitoring

  • Portugal
  • China


Special situation in the Covid-19 pandemic

The BPC always reviews the completed previous year from January to December, in this case 2020, so the current report is also heavily influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic. FWF looked primarily at member responses and the impact on the supply chain. The pandemic also severely limited our ability to visit factories. To ensure the monitoring of working conditions during the pandemic, additional monitoring tools such as complaint reports, surveys and consultation with local stakeholders were used. We also worked closely with another Fair Wear member. Regular contact with suppliers via video call or email was ensured. In addition, agents visited factories on site and provided us with feedback.

To support our retailers as well as the production factories during the Corona pandemic, we decided to adapt the upcoming collections and keep some of the styles. This also made the production process easier for the factories involved, as they already knew the designs.

Despite the pandemic, we did not have to cancel or reduce any of the planned orders. We also increased our share in the payment of living wages at our main factory in China to compensate for the loss of income that occurred during the forced factory closure.

What is the BPC?

The comprehensive BPC is carried out once a year by the FWF in order to monitor the work and progress, but also the problems of the member companies. This ensures that FWF members are really making an effort to improve working conditions in the fashion industry. Based on the BPC, the FWF then assigns a score, which is the basis for the four different ratings “Suspended”, “Needs Improvement”, “Good” or “Leader”. FWF also provides recommendations and advice on how to improve even further in the areas assessed.

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