The Cine Mar Surf Movie Night starts Summer Tour 2020 in August – friendly supported by IRIEDAILY

Yeah finally our friends from the Cine Mar Surf Movie Night can start touring Europe again with their Ocean Stories for Surfaddicts! The whole thing is presented by Blue Tomato.
Two European premieres will be part of the tour: Justin Purser’s surf documentary “And two if by sea” with the legendary Pro Surf twins CJ and Damien Hobgood and “Time is Now” by Aljaz Babnik and Marie Pfisterer.

This exclusive cinematic experience brought to you by HHonolulu Events takes ocean addicts on a tour around the world without having to leave the movie theatre! We offer the European surf community this unique experience to come together and lean into their passion for surfing.

Due to the current situation, cinemas obviously have to observe certain rules and restrictions. Therefore the Cine Mar Team unfortunately cannot be on site at all stops. Some dates will take place as Open Air events. As always friendly supported by IRIEDAILY!

“And two if by Sea” von Justin Purser

Surfers, rivals and identical twins: Follow the exceptional story of the surfer pros, CJ und Damien Hobgood, exposing success, sibling rivalry, setbacks, friendship and love packed together in the year’s best surfing documentary.

“Time is now” von Aljaz Babnik and Marie Pfisterer

The short film “Time is now”, shows the unfiltered reality of human behavior and its consequences for our planet. The project combines awe-inspiring, artistic shots of exotic settings, memorable stories underlaid by a stunning musical score. The clip is intended to inspire the audience to reflect upon how the daily decisions we make impact the heart-rending, global environmental issues which currently confront us. The goal is to bring about positive change through inspired action.

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Tour Daten Indoor

06.09.2020 Osnabrück
09.09.2020 Cologne
09.09.2020 Zurich (CH)
14.09.2020 Basel (CH)
14.09.2020 Graz (AT)
15.09.2020 Luzern (CH)
15.09.2020 Salzburg (AT)
16.09.2020 Bern (CH)
17.09.2020 Vienna (AT)
20.09.2020 Munich
28.09.2020 Rotterdam (NL)
06.10.2020 Bremen
12.10.2020 Dresden
21.10.2020 Copenhagen (DK)
26.10.2020 Freiburg

Cine Mar Surf Movie Night Summer Tour Dates