Update and information on the current Corona pandemic

Dear IRIEDAILY Friends!

Pieppp… we are still there and want to send you a sign of life from our several home offices.  We are also facing an unprecedented human and business situation and first had to sort and organise ourselves regarding the Corona pandemic.


Almost all employees of IRIEDAILY have been sent to the home office or are released from work. This step serves to protect everyone, follows the official recommendations and is the consequence of the very simple and clear rules to reduce the rapid spread of the virus:

Restrict your social contacts massively, keep distance to other people and best stay at home as far as it is possible for you professionally and privately! Follow the hygiene regulations communicated everywhere!

That’s why our brand stores in Berlin & Vienna as well as the Outlet have been closed since last week, because health always comes before profit!

Some of our sales colleagues are not able to do home office due to their job profile and keep the office and warehouse running in isolated shifts (complete avoidance of contact to colleagues). Orders, returns and urgent questions from our business partners have to be handled very reliably, especially in this situation. Thanks to you, dear colleagues! And also to all the other people who are doing their best to overcome the crisis and to secure basic services.


Of course we do everything to be there for you in the IRIEDAILY Online Shop. If you want to order, you can be sure that our products will leave the warehouse with much love and according to all hygienic rules. The extent to which the orders will be delivered quickly depends on the respective deliverer.

We will fill our website, newsletter and social media channels with many exciting topics to give you as much inspiration as possible for your #Stayhome time.

Here are a few more things that are very important to us all personally!


Older people are strongly recommended to stay at home completely, as they belong to the largest risk group. Maybe you can do the shopping for your elderly neighbors? It is of course paradoxical, because help usually has to do with closeness. But maybe it is also possible with some distance? We firmly believe in it.

Good as well: A thank you to the supermarket employees who keep our supply chain going. You will surely get a smile back!

Be empathetic and have an open mind for the different topics that move us all. Existential fears, concern for loved ones and so much more. This can also be done via telephone and various chats!

Unfortunately, various cultural institutions, clubs, bars, restaurants etc. are also suffering from the necessary closure of their venues. Keep an eye out for support possibilities of your favorite location and support them if you can.


Can you also remind your friends and family of these simple rules if you find that they are not yet understood?

#stayhome #washyourhands #takecare #keepdistance

This is the only chance we have to avoid a rapid and massive corona infection of humans. According to all the experts, the slow increase in infections is securing treatment places for the seriously ill.

What’s more, we all don’t want a curfew and, above all, we all want the pandemic to be over as quickly as possible, don’t we?

Your IRIES ❤️
#stayhome # stayhealthy #stayirie