Rad Race – 12 friends from Münster, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne and Wiesbaden. Together they organize unique bike races. Two own teams were formed: The Rad Pack & the GRL PCK. Stop Racism. Start Raceism!


The 18-year-old Lara Lessmann rides BMX Freestyle and belongs to the absolute world class in this sport! It’s hard to imagine the winner’s podium without her and surely you will hear a lot about her in the future. Her biggest dream is Olympic gold. We are sure that this dream can come true! 🙂

David Lebuser

David Lebuser – the first professional chair skater in Germany. He is a rehabilitation consultant in a hospital, who loves skating, endless challenges and new adventures.


FIXEDPOTT was founded in 2012 in the “Ruhrpott” and has developed into one of the most successful German Fixed Gear Teams. Fixedpott consists of eleven team members from the Ruhr area, Berlin, Offenbach, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt.


Takt32 knows how to distance himself from standards. A boy from Berlin with a chance to play in the top league of rap, because of the interplay of intelligence, appropriate self-reflection and a little bit of the inborn Berlin” Hau Drauf Attitüde”.


TURBOSTAAT are probably one of the most stubborn and perhaps also most exciting formations in the field of German-speaking rock music. For more than 15 years now, the guys from the north have been rocking the stages and inspiring with expressive lyrics and a touch of melancholy.


The German band Beatsteaks from Berlin can look back on more than 20 years of band history. Meanwhile the Beatsteaks are one of the most successful punk rock bands in Germany. With their great live shows they even rock the big stages. Seven studio albums clearly show what the band has to offer.


Wotan’s CV contains many exciting facts. He was once a punk, then a soldier, was a model, lived in the USA for 2 years, then he was a bouncer and even a club owner. A real all-rounder who is completely authentic and likeable.