IRIEDAILY Items of the Week #54

ITEMS OF THE WEEK #54: Hopi Edition

The new Items of the Week are part of the Hopi line! The Hopi Knit, Hopi Fleece Troyer and Hopi Hoodie are perfect for Urban Nomads. Many of the styles are also available in our Brand Stores in Berlin and Vienna.

IRIEDAILY Items of the Week #54 Hopi ReiheThe Hopi Knit is a vegan knit with a eye-catching ethnic pattern and contrasting colored cuffs. The sweater is made of midweight cotton knit and comes in a relaxed fit.

IRIEDAILY Items of the Week #54 Hopi Knit

The Hopi Fleece Troyer is a multicolored polar fleece troyer made from recycled polyester. Characteristic for this style are the half-length zipper, the decorative patterned tape and the contrasting colored cuffs on sleeves and hem. Vegan and sustainable!

IRIEDAILY Items of the Week #54 Hopi Fleece Troyer

The Hopi Hoodie is a two-colored hoodie made of organic cotton, which stands out due to the contrasting colored parts and the decorative patterned tape. Vegan and made in Portugal!

IRIEDAILY Items of the Week #54 Hopi Hoodie

Show-off facts

Hopi is an abbreviation of Hopituh Shinumu and means “peaceful people”. The Hopi are the most western group of the Pueblo Indians and live in northeastern Arizona (USA) in the middle of the Navajo reservation on the edge of the Painted Desert.

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