ITEMS OF THE WEEK: Artwork Tees & Bottles

With the new Items of the Week you can walk the streets in partner look with your new drinking bottle! Some of our artworks are not only printed on T-shirts, but also on Mizu‘s stainless steel bottles 😉

The drinking bottles are a cooperation with Mizu Life. The reusable and recyclable bottles made of stainless steel are a very good alternative to plastic bottles. They are free of BPA (a hormonally active softener in plastic) and hold 750ml. The bottle also has a low weight and is therefore perfect for home, office, sports activities or the next trip into nature. You can find more information about Mizu here!

The T-shirts are vegan tees made of 100% organic cotton, which were produced under the flag of the Fair Wear Foundation in Portugal.

IRIEDAILY Items of the Week #43 Voener

Couple 1: Voener Tee + Voener Bottle

On these two items we have printed the artwork of krzbrgsam! With the Voener we stay true to our DNA “Stay Different”. Sure, a good kebab can be tasty, but have you ever tried a Vöner? The veggie variant with lots of carrot tastes at least as delicious.

IRIEDAILY Items of the Week #43 Trash Wave

Couple 2: Trash Wave Tee + Trash Wave Bottle

The artwork featured on the items of this couple was created by artist GoodMood. For this he adapted one of the most famous Japanese artworks: Katsushika Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Our wave carries a lot of plastic and other waste instead of clean water. And this is the sad truth. Our message is clear: Do not fuck up our oceans!