UPDATE: IRIE MIX by gutistgut. soundsystem

DJ Plazebo not only made the effort to create a playlist, but also worked on an exclusive mixtape for IRIEDAILY, which was created from the songs featured on the playlist with support of BO. And that’s not something you just do on the side – creating mixtapes is a true supreme discipline. Therefore we are even more pleased to present you the IRIE MIX by DJ Plazebo!
1:40h finest music! We totally celebrate the mix – you guys as well? Check it out:

P.S.: Below there is also a short interview with BO and Plazebo 😉#Stayiriebleiben gutistgut. soundsystem Mixtape

“#stayiriebleiben” – A Playlist for the #stayhome time by DAS BO & DJ Plazebo | gutistgut. soundsystem

Our Music Radar has found something new for you! DAS BO & DJ Plazebo from gutistgut. soundsystem have really put their efforts into creating this wonderful Spotify Playlist for you. You will find the right soundtracks for #stayhome time and your home office days in it!

gutistgut. soundsystem

DAS BO and DJ Plazebo have been touring as soundsystem in many countries for decades and have now, after founding their own agency, renamed it gutistgut. soundsystem. The playlist, #stayiriebleiben, which they have put together especially for us, has the motto: #stayhome? Yes! AND with this gutistgut. Playlist #allaroundtheworldanyway.

Many can babble – but gutistgut. are only three: Mela alias Watson, Erkan alias Guru Plazebo and DAS alias BO. Now also as an agency. Finally!
Enjoy the Home Office Soundtrack for people who are at home all over the world!

gutistgut. | Hamburg Agency

Yeah, you read it right: DAS BO & DJ Plazebo have founded their own agency in Hamburg. It has the nice name gutistgut. and we think that is even better than good.
Besides Erkan aka DJ Plazebo and DAS BO, Mela is also on board and brings a lot of agency experience to the team.
According to their own statements gutistgut. takes care of the following: events. conception. consulting. management. booking. World Peace.

gutistgut das bo dj palzebo

Interview with DAS BO & DJ Plazebo

DAS BO & DJ Plazebo have also answered a few questions. Read the interview with them here:

>> What can we expect from your playlist?
The world.

>> Which records did you rediscover while putting together the playlist?
Unfortunately we cannot reveal this here, but you can certainly find them here: https://spoti.fi/2VQy7Pe

>> How long does it take on average to put together such a playlist?
We have access to a very large musical knowledge base, and everyone brings his own jewels to the mix. Usually we need 2-3 days, because first a bigger selection is made, which then has to be reduced to find the essence – the biggest challenge is the right order.

>> How did you come up with the name of the agency?
In fact DAS BO came up with the name and vice versa. Those who are familiar with us know that we have a very open attitude and are known for good events and special moments. gutistgut. the name says it all.

>> What do you offer in your agency portfolio?
Conception, creative consulting, events, artist support, management, booking, idea generation, world peace and a feeling for feeling. All information on: www.gutistgut.com

#stayhome & Corona
>> What did the #stayhome time do to you?
Home is a state of mind and creativity remains and finds its way like water no matter what circumstances or situation. Therefore we are thankful that we are active in many creative areas.

>>How do you use your #stayhome time?
It is an exciting time, a forced slowdown and a chance to get back to the basics. What happens if what I take for granted is omitted, ideally it will spark creativity and awareness.

We had planned our agency kick-off event on 25.4., were safe with the line-up and had printed the posters. This had to be cancelled of course. After the daily business was put on hold, we could concentrate on structural issues. We worked out our online presence and talked to other artists we plan to include in our portfolio.

For example, we agreed with the Mike Ständer Band, who just released their new album “Laut und Deutlich” and who we think are a very interesting and valuable band. We are very happy to welcome them in the gutistgut. family. TOYTOY (live band of DAS BO) have just released the Gills EP together with Smoke Trees and we support them in the preparations for the release of their new album.

In addition, we tried out various new online formats, such as readings, spoken word performances and live DJ sets. DAS BO has also started working on his bass record. Furthermore the ticket pre-sale for the kick-off event has started with the planned line-up.

>> Cooking or ordering food?
We prefer to cook by ourselves and when we order, then pizza at Slim Jim and bowls at Ban Canteen, who are both in the hood.

>> Do you like to watch series? Which series can you recommend?
No series. Bo watches the Arte Mediathek, with the animal, artist documentaries, etc., Plazebo watches political and social documentaries.

>> What do you look forward to the most after the Corona period?
We do not believe there will be an real “after”. We hope for a lasting change in consciousness, which will bring more mindfulness and empathy with it and thus lead the spatial separations to an emotional moving together – we always try to focus on the positive anyway. Stay healthy and happy. gutistgut.