IRIEDAILY Skateteam in Tel Aviv
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Whoever thinks of Israel does not necessarily have skateboarding as the very first association in mind. Rather, the common German thinks of the Nazi era, bomb attacks in Gaza and the Middle East conflict.

When I told them that we were planning to travel to Israel, I heard strange comments again and again and got astonished head shaking because of the choice of the holiday country.
Admittedly, the entry took a little longer than in other countries, because you are asked in detail why you want to travel to Israel, with whom you enter and what you are planning to do.

Also the first impression might be a little harsh, as every few minutes someone appears with a machine gun over the shoulder, no matter if in the supermarket at the cash desk, while eating a falafel or even on the beach.
This martial sight may confuse some people. But it is very deceptive, because Israelis and especially the citizens of Tel Aviv are not only extremely open-minded and friendly, but also the most cordial people you can imagine.

Due to its relatively new history and the resulting immigration policy, Israel is a melting pot of different cultures. Not only do the different religions meet here, but Americans meet Russians, Asians meet Africans, and Arabs meet Europeans, all living together in one of the most exciting cities in the northern hemisphere.

If you roll through the streets of Tel Aviv with your skateboard, it won’t take long before you are approached by local skateboarders. The skateboard is symbolic of like-mindedness and connection. So it really doesn’t take long until you have contact with the local skate scene. There’s a bunch of skateboard-loving guys who are always up for a good session, no matter when or where. Should the next session be a bit out of town, no effort is spared to organize all kinds of cars to transport guests like us to the next spot. In terms of skateboarding, Israel has everything your heart desires. Plaza spots with good curbs, DIY spots, whether out- or indoor, and mega skate parks that are sprouting up everywhere.

At dusk, people like to eat together and drink a somewhat overpriced beer. By the way, just like beer, almost everything in Israel is not exactly cheap.
If you still haven’t had enough, you can end the day in one of the countless bars or clubs.

Therefore, we had unforgettable days and evenings with many new experiences and even more new friends, who make us think of Israel with pleasure and warm our hearts.

We would like to thank everyone we met on our trip and with whom we had a good time. Hope to see you soon.

Photos: Henrik Biemer
Skate team: Kim Wibbelt, Ronald Hirsch aka Hirschi, Patrick Rogalski aka Rogge, Valeri Rosomako aka Valle

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