The new IRIEDAILY Social Report on the year 2019

As part of our membership in the Fair Wear Foundation, we publish an annual Social Report about our work, goals and successes! Here is our latest report on the year 2019.
First a foreword by IRIEDAILY CEO Daniel Luger:

2019 was a year in which a major change in the focus of the textile industry occurred. Initiated by a few school children, a massive movement has emerged that is weary of a globalized economy growing at hyper-fast speeds that plunders resources and destroys the environment in the process. As a result, these students have effectively propelled the issue of sustainability to the top of the agenda in all sectors of the economy. We are thrilled to see this development and are working tirelessly to ensure that our company, too, makes continual strides towards greater sustainability.

An important facet of this is the way in which we deal with people as “resources”. In 2019, we therefore devoted considerable attention and effort to achieving fair working conditions in our supply chain.

We did it again! In June 2019, the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) awarded us “Leader status” for the second year in succession. We are delighted that our efforts to ensure good working conditions in our supplychain were rewarded, and this will naturally motivate us to continue striving to improve social standards in the years ahead.


Above you can see our five most important goals that we have set ourselves for 2019. We placed particular importance on paying living wages for all our workers in the production facilities. This point is also firmly established in the “Code of Labour Practices” of the Fair Wear Foundation. You can find more information here.

More detailed information on the implementation of the goals and our successes can be found in the Social Report.