Opferperspektive Spendenaktion IRIEDAILY

Result of the donation weekend: 3000€ are donated to the association “Opferperspektive e.V. – The Victim’s Perspective, solidary against racism, discrimination and right-wing violence”

WOW and THANKS to all of you! From the turnover of the donation weekend* for the association Opferperspektive e.V. –  The Victim’s Perspective, solidary against racism, discrimination and right-wing violence we can now donate 3000€. This money goes for 100% to the “Antidiskriminierungsberatung Brandenburg” (ADB). The ADB belongs to the association Opferperspektive and is working for consequent measures against discrimination and racism in all society parts.
They do this work throughout Brandenburg, free of charge, confidentially, independent of authorities and if requested with translators. We are pleased that our donation can help to keep the work of the ADB going for another year.

About the association “Opferperspektive”

The association “Opferperspektive” (Victim’s Perspective) has been supported by IRIEDAILY for a long time and stands up for victims of right-wing violence and racist discrimination, their relatives or friends and witnesses of such incidents in Brandenburg. This counselling is free of charge. In addition, the association aims to make social processes that lead to right-wing violence and racial discrimination visible and to counteract them.

The counseling staff has been helping people affected by right-wing motivated violence in the state of Brandenburg since 1998. This includes physical violence, coercion as well as damage to property and arson, if these are recognizably directed against the social and economic existence of a person. Affected persons are supported by the association in various ways. This includes, for example, going to the police and authorities, finding lawyers, assisting in criminal proceedings, filing applications for compensation or support in dealing with the media. In addition, right-wing violence is systematically recorded in chronological order.
Another important activity of the association is anti-discrimination counseling. Together with the affected persons and their relatives, the association stands up against unequal treatment and discrimination, for example when people have difficulties in finding an apartment because of their non-German-sounding name or receive poorer marks because of their religion or origin. In such cases, the counseling centers provide information on rights and various options for action.

Racism and exclusion are unfortunately still a lasting issue. It is all the more important that there are people and organizations that do something about it and offer help and support to victims. IRIEDAILY would like to make a small contribution to this, which is why we now donate a part of our turnover to the association “Opferperspektive”. By the way, affected people in Berlin can contact the ReachOut team. Hate has no home here!

*The donation campaign took place on the holiday weekend on 03. & 04.10.2020. From each order placed during this weekend, 20% of the net value was donated to the association.

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