Stay Human –The story of all of us!
The photo shoot takes us to three very special places in our neighborhood in Kreuzberg: the SO36, the Franken Bar and the Café Nest!
Places where we have spent wonderful evenings and days with our beloved ones. Places that brought people together. Places that are still partly at a standstill due to the pandemic and are only slowly being filled with life again.

We wanted to picture these places in this very special situation, capture the moment and wallow in memories that will hopefully soon be refreshed by the openings of these lovely places. Stay Human!

Our first day took us to the SO36, the concert institution in the heart of Kreuzberg. A place of punk, political opinion, the queer scene and a place of fair togetherness. Unforgettable concert evenings with bands like the Beatsteaks, Turbostaat, our Radio x IRIEDAILY release party, Kiezbingo and political events.

And whoever visited an event in the SO36, of course went to the legendary Franken Bar before or after. The place where the foundation of IRIEDAILY was sealed in the early 90s. Today still the Kiez pub where we gather after work or skate session and toast to old times, the present and the future.

Photographer: Lisa Wassmann // Photo assistant: Vivien Sarkis // Models: Kim, Sam , Savy & Til
Styling:  Izabela Macoch  // Make-Up: Melanie Hunger // Location: SO36 & Franken Bar

Bomasar Retro Crew [nightforest]
Palmistry Crew [dark orion]

Stay Human  – Day 2 at Café Nest!
We did not have to think long to find our “Stay Human” location for the second day! The Café Nest near the Görli is already a special place because of its owner Sandra. Christmas dinner with the IRIE Family, customer events for the trade fair or just brunching there privately on Sunday – it was and will always be a great time! A place of individuality that unites people and lets them go home filled with spirit and joy. Thank you Sandra and team for letting us have another very special day with you and hopefully breaking the silence of the lockdown a little. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Photographer: Lisa Wassmann // Photo assistant: Vivien Sarkis // Models: Senait, Kian, Seba & Sam
Styling:  Izabela Macoch // Make-Up: Katrin Hartanto // Location: Cafe Nest