Flutscher Crew


Due to the fact that information and goods are basically available 24/7 these days and beliefs tend to change by the minute for exactly those reasons, it’s not only easier than ever to jump on any kind of bandwagon - it’s actually highly accepted. Common sense. State-of-the-art. The thing to do. And that’s precisely why the significance of individuality is impossible to overestimate in a (pop cultural) climate where society tries its very best to standardize things and thinking.

IRIEDAILY’s offering for this hot season is based on its understanding of the current zeitgeist and cultivating the brand’s very own streetwear DNA. While the boys department underlines its particular importance via ethnic patterns, playful camouflage and subtle references to the heydays of 90s fashion, the women collection reveals a soft spot for a new kind of laid-back, urban femininity as well as for an advanced colour-palette including dark purple, fresh pastels and batik.

Background plus personality divided by desire and understanding equals originality. It’s our uniqueness, based on life experience and individuality that turns us into these rather fascinating (human) beings. It’s way too easy to be different just for the sake of it - staying different though, well, that’s a very different thing, isn’t it?!

Yours truly,


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