IRIEDAILY Hoodies & Sweater

Especially on mild summer evenings and colder days you will love our IRIEDAILY men's sweaters! Without any doubt, the hoody is a must-have in every wardrobe. The long-sleeved hoody is versatile and especially comfortable. Whether at home on the couch or outside on the streets, hoodies are always casual and keep you warm. You are always well prepared for spontaneous rain with the hood. But not all hoods are the same. You can choose between classic design, high closed or with buttons. You have a wide choice of colors, there are also variations with large prints like the Daily Flag 2 Hooded, sweaters with small logo applications like the Mini Flag 2 Hoody or color-block variations like the Court 2 Hoody. All Urban Nomads should take a look at styles like the Nomadic Hoodie or Monte Banda Hoodie. Get the full Modern Vintage look with the Ninetynine Hoodie. You don't want a hood? No problem! Our sweatshirts are also available in many different styles and colors. There are sweats with or without motif, they even plain colored or in color-block look. The Vintachi Crew convinces with an eye-catching all-over pattern! We also have troyer like the Monte Banda Troyer in the collection. Many new items in the Spring/Summer collection are now made from organic cotton. The Retain Hoodie, for example, is made from a special yarn produced from recycled polyester and organic cotton. We have also reissued many of our classics and made them from the sustainable material. You can easily recognize this by the "2" in the name. All sweaters continue to impress with the best quality from Portugal, manufactured under the flag of the Fair Wear Foundation. This "pulling over your head" gets on your nerves and destroys your hairstyle? Check out our zip hoods. The classic sweat jackets have a zipper, the casual college jackets have a continuous snap fastener strip and thus enable the jacket to be put on and taken off quickly and easily. Including hood, all you have to do is decide on a design. The De College 2 Zip Hood and the Mini Flag 2 Zip Hood are real long runners. So, get the IRIEDAILY hoodies, sweatshirts and sweat jackets and feel good immediately.