Knit always sounds a little like winter somehow. But the knitwear theme, of course, includes not only the heavy and thick knitwear but also light cotton and modern polyester, which can be used to create trendy knitwear styles for spring, summer, autumn and winter. You always think about the homemade sweaters that Grandma gives you for Christmas? IRIEDAILY knitwear is incredibly versatile and no longer old-fashioned. Cool patterns and colors like the Seed Degrade Knit vary the casual knit sweaters and give your style a whole new dimension. In addition to the casual look, you can easily integrate a knit like the Stripe Structure Knit into an elegant outfit. Knitwear always means wool from sheep, llama, etc.? That's not true! Many models are absolutely vegan and are made of cotton, for example. Our knitwear is not only uncomplicated in wearing comfort, but also in care. Washing in the washing machine is no problem. Get your hands on our all-rounders!