IRIEDAILY x Mizu Bottles Cooperation


Do you already know about our collaboration with Mizu Life? The company produces reusable and recyclable drinking bottles! We think that’s great and have already teamed up with Mizu several times for a cooperation.

Also in the current Spring/Summer 2021 Collection there are some IRIEDAILY x Mizu drinking bottles again! They are sustainable stainless steel drinking bottles that are 100% free of BPA* and hold 800ml.

*Bisphenol-A, BPA for short, is a softener in many plastics, which has an estrogen-like effect and can change the hormone balance of humans.

About Mizu Life

Mizu does not only sell the adventure lifestyle, but actually lives it! Functionality meets sustainability, innovation and modern design – this fits perfectly to IRIEDAILY’s philosophy.

Mizu was founded by Jussi Oksanen, who has been an Olympic athlete and professional snowboarder for 18 years, won seven medals at the X Games and is considered one of the best backcountry snowboarders of all time.
While shooting a snowboard movie in Alaska in 2008, Jussi and his friend and filmmaker Brad Kremer realized how much the trail of single-use plastic water bottles was tarnishing their travels.
His search for a reusable bottle that met his functional and design requirements was unsuccessful. Thereupon he decided to found Mizu and fill this gap.