IRIEDAILY Production


All IRIEDAILY items are made in our production facilities in Portugal or China. The good and fair working conditions in the factories are very important to us, which is why we have joined the Fair Wear Foundation in 2016.
Ever since the IRIEDAILY brand was founded, we have been producing in Portugal. For the first ten years our complete collections were produced exclusively there, meanwhile about 42% of our production volume is manufactured there. That includes all T-shirts, sweatshirts and socks.
China is currently our strongest production country. Last year, 58% of our products were sourced from there. Included in that number are jackets, shirts, shorts, pants, knitwear, headwear & accessories.

The long-standing relationships that we enjoy with our suppliers are the cornerstone of our success. We have continuous business relationships spanning more than 10 years with our most important suppliers – and considerably more than 5 years with nearly all of them.

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IRIEDAILY Textile Kette
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More than ten years ago, we relocated a part of our production to China. For us, this represented a major step which involved growth and also entailed a great deal of responsibility. While China remains a difficult country in political matters, we are witnessing rapid change and growth – also in areas including social issues, environmental concerns and associated regulations. That is why we believe in our suppliers there and strive to develop long-term, trusting business relationships with them.
We are very much aware that we have to play our part if we want to make a difference, which is why we are constantly working to improve the local working conditions on site.

In 2019 we were able to achieve the first milestone in the payment of living wages, but this issue is likely to occupy us for the next few years.

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Portugal is where we first started producing our textiles. We have therefore been associated with our key manufacturers for over 20 years.
Our supplier structure in Portugal mainly consists of small, family-run businesses. They have existed for 20-30 years and are specialized in handling smaller orders. The workers are mostly locals from the surrounding area. The Portuguese laws on work safety are observed in all operations and payment of the minimum wage is guaranteed. As usual in Portugal, the minimum wage is paid 14 times a year.