IRIEDAILY STOP WAR TEE: Support for Ukraine

To support the people in and from Ukraine, we have reissued the Stop War Tee. The artwork by illustrator Laura Breiling comes with a clear statement: STOP WAR! Let all people live in peace! The complete 34,90€ per sold T-Shirt will go to the association MISSION LIFELINE from Dresden for projects supporting Ukraine.

Living in peace is the dream and the goal of all of us, isn’t it? But unfortunately, the current situation in the world shows once again that peace apparently cannot be taken for granted. But lets not lose the vision of a life in peace with more humanity, love and without violence in any form!

100% of the proceeds go to Mission Lifeline

100% of the proceeds from the sale of the Stop War Tee will go to the association Mission Lifeline to support projects for people from and in Ukraine!
With the expansion of the war in Ukraine, it was clear to Mission Lifeline that there will be a large movement of refugees to the western neighboring countries. One day later, a team from the Dresden-based organization set off for the Slovak-Ukrainian border. In the meantime, Mission Lifeline charters buses as needed to bring refugees from border regions to Germany. The association also supplies hospitals in Ukraine with medicines and consumables. Since 2016, people fleeing from war have been the focus of attention for the association, which is primarily known for its sea rescue operations in the Mediterranean. What is less known is that the helpers are also working in Afghanistan and in the Atlantic to save people.
A great organization that we gladly want to support financially!