For a long time we have been using vegan materials for many IRIEDAILY products. Vegan fashion works the same way as vegan nutrition: no use of animal raw materials and ingredients! Whoever prefers vegan fashion should generally avoid the following materials: fur, silk, wool, down, leather, horn, mother-of-pearl, cashmere, angora, beeswax etc.

If you think that clothes like t-shirts or jeans are obviously vegan, you should take a closer look. Often there is a leather patch on the waistband of the jeans or buttons are made of horn and mother-of-pearl. It becomes particularly tricky if you look at some binders, adhesives and yarns. These may contain animal substances or have been tested on animals. Some colors are also animal, such as carmine from lice and indigotine from snails. And there is no labelling requirement for these substances. Veganism also means avoiding the suffering and exploitation of animals for human purposes. The compatibility of artificial substances and chemical substances for impregnation is partly tested on animals.
That’s why it’s worth it to have a look at “obviously vegan” products. We make it easy for you and mark all our vegan products, just look for the label!

There are many alternatives to animal ingredients. Instead of leather and fur, simply grab the artificial variant. Artificial down keeps at least as warm as animal down. Cotton replaces animal wool. Cork gives your style a whole new touch. And the best thing is: The look is the same!

IRIEDAILY x PETA approved vegan

IRIEDAILY x PETA approved vegan

We have good news! IRIEDAILY has completed the certification process at PETA and now receives the {PETA-Approved Vegan} – label for all vegan IRIEDAILY products. For years we have been working together with our producers to achieve a total conversion to vegan products and we are even more pleased that PETA has rewarded our efforts.

The animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA for short, works worldwide for the protection of animals. The organization actively fights against abuses such as factory farming, fur farming, animal testing and much more. Through the {PETA-Approved Vegan} label the awareness level and the distribution of vegan fashion should be promoted. Consumers can thus see at a glance whether an garment or accessory is an animal-friendly product.