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IRIEDAILY Dresses & Skirts

Dresses and skirts are definitely among the basics that you should have in your wardrobe for the summer. Hardly any other garment looks so feminine and is suitable for almost every occasion. Quickly dressed you have an uncomplicated outfit which is always trendy. You can combine your dress wildly and create completely different styles. Wear it with high heels or sneakers, with wool tights or jeans underneath, with bomber jacket or sweater. Your dress can take it all and you can let your imagination run wild. All dressed up with the Neila 182 Dress, Bambul Dress or La Palma Dress. In these all-rounders, every woman looks great. Materials such as perforated jersey or single jersey offer high wearing comfort and are the perfect companion for warm summer days. Besides mini dresses, we also have long dresses like Flowerbirds Dress. Brand new this season is the Caipini Strap Dress. Different sleeve lengths extend the variations. Cuts and colors also vary. If you like the breezy comfort of dresses, but prefer to choose your own look on top, then take a look at our skirts. The calf-length Civic Long Skir is guaranteed to give you a cool summer look. Women can also wear dresses in winter: long-sleeved variants can also be worn easily in colder temperatures together with thick woollen tights. Make one of our dresses and skirts your favorite piece and keep in mind: A dress always works.