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IRIEDAILY offers you the perfect jackets for every season and weather. In spring and autumn, you should be prepared for sudden change in the weather. A classic windbreaker or a water- and wind-repellent between-seasons jacket with hood protects you from the cold, wind and rain. The Veruschka Spice Jacket or the Blotchy Jacket are perfect for changing weather. Jackets with eye-catching all-over patterns like the Team Sherpa Jacket bring autumnal vibes! In winter a thickly lined jacket or a quilted parka will keep you warm. Artificial down and teddy lining keep you warm when it's cold outside. Check out the Articmix Jacket, the Indi Spice Jacket or the Koerte Sherpa Parka. In warm temperatures it is best to wear a breathable, light summer jacket. Great news: The use of sustainable materials in the jacket sector could be expanded even further in the new collection! For example, the Kishory Gentle Jacket and the Holina Coat are made of recycled polyester and organic cotton. Our jackets are all vegan - simply choose an alternative instead of using down jackets! We do not offer typical women's jackets, but Berlin's finest streetwear. You can choose between varieties of different styles: Windbreaker, shirt jackets, coat or rather the classic parka? Whether zipper or button bar, simple or contrasting colors - the IRIEDAILY Jackets always make you look fashionable. What are you waiting for?