A winter without knitwear is unimaginable for us! We offer knitwear in many colors and models. The IRIEDAILY Mock Turtle Knit with its turtleneck could become your favorite jumper for the chilly seasons. As a special eye-catcher we recommend our sweaters with all-over patterns - the Rudy Knit, the Hopi Knit, the Fady Knit and the Ethno Stripe Knit are real eye-catchers! Knit is not only a winter thing but also suitable for spring, summer and autumn. The theme knitwear includes not only the heavy and thick knitwear but also light cotton and modern polyester, which can be used to create trendy knitwear styles in all seasons. A good example is the thin IRIEDAILY 2 Tone Biquet, which is perfect for both warm autumn days or cool summer nights and makes you look elegant at the same time. IRIEDAILY knitwear is incredibly versatile and no longer old-fashioned. Turtlenecks or round necks vary the knit sweaters. The sweaters are also available in many patterns, colors and cuts. Do you always have wool from sheep, llama, etc. in mind when thinking about knitwear? Sorry but no! Many models are absolutely vegan and are made of cotton, for example. The jumpers and knits are totally cozy and cuddly in any case. They are perfect for a TV evening on the couch, but can also be combined casually in everyday life. In addition to the casual look, you can also easily integrate a knit piece into an elegant outfit. Our knitwear offers not only high wearing comfort, but is also uncomplicated in care. Putting it in the washing machine is no problem at all. Get your hands on our all-rounders now!