Finally it’s summer, the sun is up and your legs only want one thing: take off the long pants and jump into shorts and hot pants. No summer without shorts! The IRIEDAILY shorts offer you everything you need – comfort and style. You have the choice between single-colored shorts like the Chambray Girl Short, light shorts made of artificial silk like the Civic Short or Hula Short, which all make you look incredibly good. Increased wearing comfort is provided by models with elastic waistbands or turned-up leg endings. You just have to choose a color and your wardrobe is extended by a cool pair of shorts. On particularly hot days in summer, shorts made of light fabrics such as chambray or viscose are recommended. Simply combine an IRIEDAILY shirt and you’re perfect outfit for your free time is created. If you want it really simple in the morning when choosing your outfit, you should get a jumpsuit like the Klea Jumper or La Palma Jumper. In this way you don't have to worry about the top anymore. Head straight south with the shorts and jumpsuits from Berlin Kreuzberg!