Artist Feature: HÜLPMANN

Felix Hülpüsch aka HÜLPMAN Berlin based graphic designer, illustrator and painter.

»Tomorrow we will be unstoppable«, Hülpman x IRIEDAILY

For me the topic „tomorrow“ means the constant inner conflict, which on the one hand deals with the „here and now“, in which one moves mentally and physically and on the other hand with the aspect of the future, the „tomorrow“, which would not be without today and which we have only limited control over. As an individual, but also as a society. This topic is also more topical today than ever before, through Corona a lot has changed within a very short time for all people and we do not know what tomorrow will expect us –
there is the hope to return to „accustomed normality“, but will this still exist?
In my work I have processed these thoughts: What could happen „tomorrow“, can it be influenced and what can develop as a result? „Tomorrow we will be unstoppable“ is my motto for being able to achieve everything as an individual but also as a collective if you believe in a goal and see the positive in „tomorrow“ – no matter how hard times may be“.
Hülpmann 2020


Artist Feature: GoodMood aka Haenk

 GoodMood aka Haenk is a Berlin based graphic designer, illustrator and painter.

For quite some time  the Berlin based artist GoodMood aka Haenk enriches the IRIEDAILY t-shirt collections with his unique artworks. Whether the Bye, BYE Cat, the Fucktus, the “ THIS IS NOT“ series or the Trash Wave! Always with a wink and a political statement GoodMood designs his artworks mainly with the stylistic devices from the field of comics and illustration.
Let’s explore with us GoodMood’s latest new designs for the Fall/Winter 2021 Collection

Crunchy Buds Tee


Peace Fellow Tee

Mental Voyages Tee


Artist Feature: STOER

A german painter & designer – based in Berlin & Johannesburg

Snow Dude Tee

Cavy Bike Tee

Christmas Dude Tee

Skate Dude Tee