Cine Mar Surf Movie Night – Fall Tour 2020

The Cine Mar Surf Movie Night Fall Tour 2020 starts in October – friendly supported by IRIEDAILY

Just recently the amazing Cine Mar Surf Movie Night Summer Tour ended. But fans of the ocean stories for surfaddicts don’t have to wait long for a new tour! The Cine Mar Surf Movie Night Fall Tour starts already in October. Over 30 stops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands are planned. This time the program consists of several short films and a main film. As always friendly supported by IRIEDAILY!

This exclusive cinematic experience brought to you by HHonolulu Events takes ocean addicts on a tour around the world without having to leave the movie theatre! We offer the European surf community this unique experience to come together and lean into their passion for surfing.

Due to the current situation, cinemas obviously have to observe certain rules and restrictions. Therefore the Cine Mar Team unfortunately cannot be on site at all stops.

“Less is More” by Mathias Joubert

This documentary shows the lifestyle of the Surf Island Family, a family of surfers-adventurers with an atypical, intriguing and inspiring lifestyle. >>We travel to live our dream of a simple life far from the overconsumption. We travel to discover other people. And to discover ourselves. We have to manage with half as much income, but at least we have time. A lot of time.» In this 52 minute documentary, we join them on an adventure in Indonesia where, as usual with travel, nothing goes as planned . Then, the trip deviates to a completely different destination… Let’s go to Ireland !

“Discover to Uncover” by Friederike Böckermann

A personal story about a journey within, traveling and surfing as a woman and following a strong passion in life. Friederike portrays surfing not only as an action sport, but rather as a spiritual passion, emotion and feeling, motivating the audience and especially other women in listening to themselves and walking their own way in life. ‘Discover the world to uncover a passion for life’.

“Surf Girls Jamaica” by Joya Berrow & Lucy Jane

Imani Wilmot is a role model to a community of Afro Caribbean surfers in Jamaica and beyond. She is using surfing as a tool to transform the lives of many Jamaican woman.
Imani has taken it as her personal responsibility to empower women of colour to have access to surfing and to see a place for themselves within the global surf industry.

“Clash of Climates” by El Flamingo, Johannes Müller & Philipp Becker

„Never in my life I thought I would be surfing with snow on the beach“ States the balinese surfer Marlon Gerber, as he enters the icy beach in the Arctic North of Norway. He is here to visit Scandinavian surfer Tim Latte and experience the other side of surfing. The cold side. No palm trees. No coconuts. No board shorts. It ́s a clash of climates.

Home Stories Award Gewinnerin 2020 – Rachel Presti

YOUR personal #Oceanstories makes the Cine Mar – Surf Movie Night to that what it really is – a place for storytellers. We want to hear your story: About deep friendships, about the love for the sea, about your passion for surfing and water. We would like to offer you a place where you can exchange ideas. For this reason, we present the “Home Stories” Award for the third time with SurfersMag.

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Tour Dates October

12.10. Hamburg
14.10. Cologne
15.10. Bonn
19.10. Graz
19.10. Basel
20.10. Salzburg
23.10. Bern
23.10. Ingolstadt
24.10. Copenhagen
24.10. Münster
25.10. Munich
27.10. Augsburg
28.10. Ulm
29.10. Stuttgart
29.10. Karlsruhe

Tour Daten November

01.11. Amsterdam
03.11. Bochum
08.11. Leipzig
08.11. Göttingen
10.11. Bremen
10.11. Oldenburg
15.11. Dresden
22.11. Berlin
26.11. Kiel
30.11. Freiburg
08.12. Düsseldorf